The new site is now up… Welcome!

Traktor Pro TutorialsStreamlined, Easy to use and Faster than ever!

After lots of hard work my friends ... I finally finished the transition from the old site to the new layout!
There were some weeks of intensive work to get it done before the end of the year ... and thanks to some nights of only 4hrs of sleep (because I work all day), it’s finally complete!
This update was much needed due to the number of pages and amount of content already existed on the site.
Another factor that play a big role in this update was the analysis made by the team at Go Daddy (where I host the site). With the analysis complete, I was informed that the site was about to crash and it was due to my poor understanding in the area of web designer when I first stated
When I created this site and over the months the site has been up... I added a huge content to the data base and often unnecessary, and with that the site was getting slower and as I was informed, it was getting to the point of completely stopping! And that my friends ... would be a disaster!
The reason I say this would of been a disaster is not because the site was going to stop, but because of the hours of work that I put in this project, for the dedication and especially the time that I took from my personal life to fulfill that dream! Dream? Yes ... No doubt a dream!
After playing for many years, I found my self by teaching others! Besides my regular job, I also work on different projects and one of them is help people in the recovery from drugs addiction. And the reason I’ve created this site is for the simple fact of helping someone, and in this case do something I love!
One cool thing that happened in these months the site has been up, was the friendship I developed with people around the world through the love of music and art of being a DJ we all have in common!
I can’t believe this... but we already have over 170 pages on the site between the Portuguese and the English side and still growing!
This is the result of hard work and dedication my Traktormaniacs!
But actually what I learned in these 2 years managing the site, creating tutorials and helping all of you guys was...
Everything you put your mind into is possible! Several times I said to myself "enough" I think it's time to stop.
After all ... it is not easy to take the kids to school in the morning, head to the office to work all day, leave the office to go home... change clothes and go to school (DJ Academy) or privates home lessons, and after all that, get home to continue the site update and also take care of the family!

Now... with this update ready, the site can now support an unlimited number of pages without the worry of the site coming to a lockdown.

This update was welcome by the companies that already are supporting the site as Pioneer, Emulator, Native, Mixed in Key and Xtream Mapping!
We already have a few other companies that are ready to begin new partnership this year… so get ready because we will have lots of new tutorials coming

I would like to thank everyone for all the support I've been receiving over the course of this adventure and would also like to send a special thanks to a very special person who one day came to me and offered me help and created the new “Site Logo”

Special thanks to <span style="color: #00aef0;">Celio Bitran</span>, who is a professional in Graphic Design in Brazil.

I hope all of you Traktormaniacs enjoy this growing work and that the videos on this site will serve as a point of reference to help you with your questions and issues using Traktor Pro.

Two things I always tell Traktor users are:
I’m not the most knowledgeable person when it comes to Traktor Pro, I’m just the one guy how created a site to help people with their questions about the program.
And there’s no videos missing on the site…. We just haven’t gotten to the one you are looking for yet!

Music is life!

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