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Welcome to the recent tutorials page.

This page has been designed especially for those who have been following my videos from the beginning or have watched all the tutorials and are now looking for new videos released after having watched the entire contents of the site at the time of your membership.

Instead of search for the videos all over the site, on this page you can find the latest tutorials in the order in which they were posted on the site.

I hope this page will make it easier for you guys to keep up to date with the new tutorials and also find the new videos more easily.


Advance Mapping - Controller Editor

Advance Mapping - Modifiers / Conditions

Advance Mapping - Midi Out / Toggle

Advance Mapping - Jog Wheel - Scratch / Tempo Bend

Advance Mapping - Sensitivity Settings

Advance Mapping - Increase and Decrease

Advance Mapping - Auto Repeat

Advance Mapping - Beat Phase

Advance Mapping - Freeze Mode

Kontrol Z2 - Preferences

Kontrol Z2 - Overview

Kontrol Z2 - Settings

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