Do you think DJ’s are in danger of extinction?

Do you think DJ’s are in danger of extinction because of Fake DJ’s?
Over the last few years the word "DJ" became fashionable in every corner of the world!
Our work is so competitive that now we have to be careful even with those who ask us to take a picture using our headphone in front of CDJ's & Mixer, because the next day, he or she ... are launching themselves on Facebook and other media channels as "DJ John Doe" and that my dear friends... I've been seeing for a long time. (What a joke)
fake-djsI'm not here to criticize anyone or even burst the bubbles of those looking for their moment of happiness for one night... I just feel sad when I see a DJ who took years to improve and refine their techniques, spends nights over nights awake looking and researching for new track so he or she can bring something different to their next performance.... and next thing you know, out of nowhere… DJ Batman!!! (just like you see in the cartoons) from one day to another a new “Top DJ” is born and spinning at the hottest and biggest clubs in the world. So… do you think "real dj’s" are been dropped because they don’t have the biggest light shows or a huge team of promoters behind him? Or maybe because the so called “real dj’s” out there are not moving forward with technology and they are just stuck in this loop saying REAL DJ’S ONLY PLAY ON VYNILS! Or because of the simple fact that people now a days got so used to listing to the same beats over and over instead of watching the DJ perform, do differently or simply interact with the public on the mic, that their mentality is… beat for beat… I stick with the light show included! “?”
How many times have you as a DJ already entered a club and on that night you were just another person in the public. You listened to the other guy’s set and you noticed he did not opened the mic to say "hi" or not even “want to thank everyone here tonight”? Now I ask you DJ... and what about you? What you do in the evenings where you play so you don’t get stamped as just another one?

Do you interact with the public or you keep looking at the CDJ’s and Mixer with a serious face as if you were working on a science project?

I’m going to leave these ones for you guys to do some brain work and comment about it later.

Think with me... if the public does not know that kind of CDJ’s you are using and are not interested if you are using a pair of CDJ’s 1000, 2000’s, a controller or turntables… In my opinion creativity is what really makes the difference and is the key to keep up with the so called “Fake DJ’s” of our times and make the crowd move all night!
Now… get off your DJ shoes for a minute and step into the public’s one… When the fellows finished their work week and get into the weekend is here mode, let’s have some fun! Or the ladies are putting their makeup so they can hit the clubs all nice and sexy! What they all are looking forward to, is to have fun with their friends, have a good time and make the best out of the night!
It’s really easy to point the finger out and blame everyone else for what’s happening in the DJ world now a days, but you as a professional DJ have to use your creativity and experience to make it happen! Do you?… And also, stop paying attention to what the other guy is doing! Do you!

The other side of the coin: If you consider you self a “Real DJ”… what have you done to improve your performance in the recent years? Are you still simply flipping tracks from A and B saying… I’m a true DJ because I turntable! And in the mean while the 14 year old boy (full of energy) is out there creates his own loops, effects and much more ... or you are also watching what’s going on in this new market full of technology and making it different from the competition? <strong>Use the new and available technology for your advantage!</strong>

What you "DJ's of Truth" really need to do ... is stop calling others Fake DJ’s, stop focusing your attention on what the media says ... and spend more of your time improving your "next performance" so that not only the public but also the media see’s the real difference between "fake and real DJ's "!

Listen... Keep putting comments and cursing on Facebook does not make any difference in what is really happening in our world. Wake up DJ’s!

Here is the question of the day…

Do you perform? Or do you play?

Always remember… music is life!

Please let us know what you think?

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