This page simply shows my gratitude to all of those whom directly or indirectly have contribute and helped me in some way to put this site together.

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart.

Marcio Otsubo



The site logo: It was design by an amazing guy who became a friend and his name is Celio Bitran. Carioca, was borne in Rio de Janeiro and loves the art of Djing besides his graphic design super abilities and day job. Thank you so much Celio!!!!!!

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Some of the graphics: His name is Ricardo Cabrera and he is an amazing graphic designer. I'm always asking questions and help and Ricardo is always there for me. Thank you so much Ricardo!!!!


DJ Endo: The guy you see rocking Traktor in the club on the main page of the site is Mike Henderson aka DJ Endo. This guy from day one has showed me so much support that I can't say thank you enough. Thank you so much Mike!!!!!

Check out Endo on    Site  -  AGNT  -  MidiMonsters


Testimonials: Here is my thanks to all of you who gave me your testimonial on the site.

Felis BV. - Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Alex Feldman - Miami, USA

Sany Pitbull - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Craig J. - Richmond, USA

Thank you so much for your support guys!!!!!!!!


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