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Traktor Pro Tutorials has become a great resource for Traktor users worldwide! I’ve been working really hard on this site to bring all of you "Traktor Maniacs" like me, the best possible information available through the tutorials and help users understand how this amazing program works.
It’s not easy to manage life, work, family and a site… but I’m a true lover of the art of mixing and that’s what makes me help others!

And for those of you who are watching the tutorials, please drop a line and let me know what you think about the videos and my work on the site?

Remember… practice and dedication!

Music is life!

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  1. Hey there DeeJay Marcio, wanted to drop a note here and tell you what a fabulous service you’ve done by creating these videos and making them available online. I am a bedroom DJ as you might call it – but after going through all of these videos I might just have enough knowledge under my belt that with a little practice (hmm, make that a LOT!) I could do something with this! Very nice job, great quality videos, and very clear, concise instruction of the layouts of Traktor and its features. I recently sold my S4 and grabbed an S8, so I’d really love to see some videos on that as well as the F1 if you can find the time. I’ll definitely be back when I see some further updates. Rock on bro, and THANK YOU!

    Highly recommend this to anyone who gets frustrated by all the features of Traktor.

  2. Hey Marcio,
    again thank you for the tutorials. I really enjoy how you explain the whole process from start to finish without leaving anything out.
    I know at least you explain a hell of a lot more precisely than other folks who teach it, and you get into it too.
    My life is busy with my kids but i always manage to go on your site to watch videos and play some music.

  3. Brilliant tutorials. What a change from the others you get on Youtube etc. Marcio was very helpful sorting a registration problem But I’m really pleased to get access now to really well explained videos. Junior

  4. I was having a trouble with getting the email with registration info, and Marcio patiently helped me to solve that problem, and after watching few videos, now I want to say that no other tutorial could be better than this one. Marcio pays attention to every detail and explains thoroughly who is who. I am also thankful to google that brought me here))

  5. Yo Marcio your tutorials are awesome. Iám an old school dj also and now for a few years a big traktor fan. I’m using a S4 controller, for me this controller works the best and fits me perfect. The beat grid tutorials have helped me big time and these are very important. So BIG thanks for that mate. Howdyyyy Xander

    • Hello Xander!
      I’m glad the tutorials are helping you brother… I tried to put the tutorials together exactly the way I needed when I first started using Traktor.
      There’s more to come soon!!!!

      Thank you so much for your support!!!!!!!

  6. Marcio,
    What can I say…Well,
    First of all,I have to say that all of your tutorials are super awesome.
    I bought the tutorials and I just got hooked on watching the tutorials so I’ve watched all of them non stop.
    They helped me a lot to learn all the important things and to understand how Traktor works.
    I just have to say a very big thank you so much for your clear presentation of the in’s and out’s of Traktor Pro.
    I have been using the software for a while and have learnt more watching your video than I have in months of trial an error from the manual.
    Visual learning just helped fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of Traktor.
    Not only do you get insights of the software,but also gives you how a super top DJ as himself would use Traktor.
    These are without a doubt the best tutorials I have ever watched in my life.

    I firmly recommend this program to any DJ, from novice to advanced!No words to describe … REALLY APPRECIATED …
    Thanks Again. I’ll be sure to recommend your videos..
    Money well spent.

    Marcio a great job on explaining Traktor Pro.

    Chris black UK

  7. I just have to say a very big thank you so much for your clear and concise and cool presentation of the in’s and out’s of Traktor.
    I have been using the software for a while and have learnt more in 5 minutes of watching your setup video that I have in months of trial an error and tooing and froing from the deck to the manual.
    I am a visual learner and you have just helped fill in some of the gaps in my knowledge of Traktor and the S4 decks.
    Thanks Again. I’ll be sure to recommend your videos to some of my peers.

  8. Wauw….These are without a doubt the best tutorials I have ever watched in my life. Marcio does a great job on explaining Traktor Pro. Not only will he give you all of the insights of the software but also gives his take on how a super DJ as himself would use Traktor.
    I bought the tutorials yesterday and I just got hooked on watching the tutorials so I’ve watched all of them non stop.

    You have got yourself a new fan Marcio….

  9. Hey Marcio,

    first of all I have to say that all of your tutorials are super awesome!!! They helped me a lot to learn all the important things and to understand how Traktor works, but there is one crucial skill, which I am missing in your tutorials and that is how to beatmatch by ear.

    I would love to see if you can do some step by step tutorials on how to beatmatch by ear. I know that there is a sync button, which helps us a lot, but it doesn`t replace the beatmatching by ear. I think a complete and skilled Dj should know how to beatmatch and I would like to become a really good DJ.

    So its just a recommendation and no criticism.

    Thanks for your help!

  10. Hello Marcio,

    After setting my new equipment, I’m logging on to view more videos:) Thank you (again) for putting this site together. I soooo appreciate your hard work in making all the videos easy to understand and follow. I’m glad I have the 3 month subscription…lol

    Looking forward to meeting you in a few days….until then….please keep up the hard work and know that it is very, very much appreciated!

    Warmest regards,


    • Hi Renee!

      Thank you so much for your support to the work I do here on the site!
      I’m soooo looking forward to start your private lessons as well!
      Get ready to explore a whole new world in Traktor!!!!!!



  11. I’m being honest when I say this is one of the best tutorial purchases I’ve ever made. On ANY topic.

    I would have gladly paid $100 for this and still felt I’m getting my money’s worth. Serioulsy…. TEN DOLLARS??? Raise your price lol. You deserve it.

    Marcio, I could listen to you speak for hours my friend. “Da GOOEY”! I love it. Maybe because my family is originally from New York 🙂

    If anyone’s concidering purchasing these tutorials, please do it. You are getting MUCH more than your money’s worth, AND you’re supporting Marcio’s hard work.


    DJ PilotGav

  12. I firmly recommend this program to any DJ, from novice to advanced! His program doesn’t force you to learn “His Way”, but instead merits you to take what you want out of the universal and crucial skill sets, organizational techniques, and DJ Ideology he humbly shares with each and every one of us. This program stands alone against any other Traktor Tutorial I have purchased, because it goes beyond simply regurgitating the User Manual. It is an intimate one on one lesson, with one of the best in the Biz.

    I believe that DJ Marcio wants all of us to know our tools, to have full confidence in the hands and mind that we possess know exactly what to do, so that our heart and creativity can flow seamlessly throughout our DJ’ing.

    Thanks DJ Marcio!

    • Christopher,

      No words to describe man… really appreciate your support to my work!
      People like you are the one’s who make me move forward with the tutorials. And for the first time someone put a comment on what I really want people to learn from my tutorials.

      Thank you!

      Music is Life

  13. Joined this site a month ago, and have been blown away by the detailed content of each Tutorial. DJ Marcio goes through all the ins and outs of Traktor with very easy to understand explanations. Sometimes it seems as if he coded the software himself lol.
    You will not find a better and more complete collection of Traktor videos out there IMO, especially for the price point. Thanks DJ Marcio and looking forward to future videos!!

  14. Hey DJ Marcio, thank you for making such great tutorials!

    I’ve been using Traktor for nearly a year now and you showed me many tips and tricks throughout the series to become even more of a power user. Thanks for everything, I’ll be sure to tell anyone looking to get into Traktor about Traktor Pro Tutorial!

  15. Dear Marcio,

    Thanks for your great tutorials? they are the best!!!!!

    I am a (radio)DJ for 30 years (I am 44 years old) and I only perform 2
    times a year with friends on special parties, the rest of the year I am too
    busy with my work.

    Over the last couple of year I looked at Traktor Pro but never had the time to
    dive into it, still I don’t have the time but you tutorial make me very

    Thanks, keep up doing your great video’s


  16. Hi,
    I’m really glad that I found your site. I purchased the Kontrol S2 along with the Kontrol F1 as a christmas gift for my 15 year old son and have been learning Traktor myself to help get him started. These videos are a great resource and will be an invaluble aid in getting my son off to a good start with Traktor. Thanks for sharing your knoweledge of the software!

  17. Hey Deejay Marcio,

    Firstly I’d like to thank you for doing these tutorials they are the most comprehensive and informative tutorials I have watched in relation to Traktor Pro.

    I have just spent the last two days watching Level 1 and have learnt more than everything else I have read and watched so far, so for that I thank you.

    My question is if you have any tutorials or are going to be doing any on Traktor Kontrol s2 for I have just purchased the controller?

    Keep up the great work!


    • Hi Raza!
      Thank u for your support!!!!!
      I don’t have any plans to do any tutorials for the S2 because the controller is basically a mirror of what you see in Traktor. Once you master Traktor Pro… you can play using any setup.
      Believe me… when u get to Level 5… u will see and please come back here and let me know what u think!
      Once again… thank u so much for your support!!!!!!

      • Hey Deejay Marcio,

        Thanks for the quick response!

        I thought as much, I will keep watching the tutorials and get back to you some feedback after I’ve watched them through.



  18. Came back for the new level 5 video and to recap on the previous ones, I must say this helped get some crucial skills and techniques into my head. If you’re just starting to learn how to use Traktor or having been using it for a while watching these videos will be a tremendous help in jumpstarting the learning process. Hats off to you Marcio thanks!

    • Hey this is a great resource. Just like maschine tutorials. Hats off.
      I upgraded my traktor to 2.5 and don’t really want the remix decks just sample decks as i use ableton and thE concept is the same . I don’t see anywhere I can make that happen unless I uninstall the upgrade I guess. Why didn’t native leave the simple sample decks as an option also

      • Hi John!
        Thank you for your support on the site!!!!
        Regarding the Sample Decks… you are not the only on my friend!
        I’ve been getting email from around the world about this and I’ve been in contact with Native’s tech support on this issue.
        I have personally asked them to give 3 instead of 2 options for each deck… Track Deck, Remix Deck and Sample Deck.
        Let’s see if we can get that done on the 2.5.2 update.

  19. Hey Marcio, What a great intro to the site! Awesome to get to know you in the video. I’m stoked to get through the tutorials. Being a novice Traktor user I am positive your site will help me accel and utilize all the amazing functions of the program. Look forward to learning all I can from your site.

  20. Hi everyone,
    I’ve been using Traktor for five years now and, in my day-by-day practicing, have mastered many of its features and learned few techniques… still Deejay Marcio’s tutorials blew me away for their dense and informative content, their organization (levels and grouping them by topic) and the well laid out explanations.

    There are a lot of tutorials out there, and everyone is missing something: not covering how to configure the software to use some feature or skipping the “more boring” parts by showing you only the bells and whistles. TraktorProTutorials has really got the point here and, just by watching one of the videos, you can tell the experience and passion Marcio is putting into them.

    Keep up the great work,
    Enzo Pietropaolo

  21. Deejay Marcio you have been a tremendous help to my education much needed for this software and even my equipment. Keep up the hard work you sure are talented at what you do, i’ll be looking for the 5th level video!

  22. Hello Marcio,
    I still have a hard time trying to pronounce you name but I will get it right!
    Just finished watching all the videos on all levels and I gotta tell you…
    Amazing tutorials and awesome content on your site! The way you put the tutorials together is just perfect A+.
    You got my attention when you said… In this site I don’t teach you how to DJ… that a gift and if you don’t have it, you just don’t have it. But if you do, I can teach you how to use Traktor!
    That is true!!!!!!
    Can’t wait for Level 5 ?
    Please… keep up the good work… you have a gift!!!!

    Mark – Canada

    • Hi Mark!
      No problem about the name… lol
      I’m glad the tutorials helped u out… and thank u for your support!!!!!
      Level 5 is coming out soon and I have a lot more coming as well!!!!

  23. Listen up folks, DJ Marcio is the real deal. I looked over the internet for classes for a long time on how to learn traktor and came upon a class that DJ Marcio taught. I went and took classes with him on Traktor Pro 2 and let me tell you, the man is a genius. He helped me learn things that I did not think was possible on a computer program. Like my best friend DJ RIchard stated, me and him used to do college parities back in the day. The website that DJ Marcio has created is the icing on the cake. DJ Marcio is a great instructor and breaks things down to you for easy learning. After being out of the game for a while, the passion for DJing has returned and in full effect. I have all this to be thankful for courtesy of DJ Marcio. If you haven’t signed up yet for these tutorials then you are missing out. Even if you know a little bit about Traktor these tutorials will help you become more proficient in the program. Thanks DJ Marcio for all your help.

    • Ma’ man DJ Tony… all I can say is just THANK U SO MUCH for choosing me as your Traktor Pro Instructor!
      I do it from the heart… and the pleasure to see the smile on peoples face at the end of the course… is priceless!
      Friends for life!!!!

      Music is Life

  24. My best friend, Tony, and I started to DJ when we were in college. We did mostly sorority and fraternity parties. We started out with a Denon dn3500, a gemini CDJ, a Denon mixer, and a crate full of cd’s. After college the real world kicked in and we ended up selling all of our equipment. Six years later Tony asks me if I want to get back into the game and go to a school in North Jersey and learn Traktor from DJ Marcio. I did not give it much though at first until Tony Showed me Dj Marcio’s website, traktor pro tutorials. I watched the first level and joined the site immediately. I was hooked again!! I then joined up at the DJ Academy with Tony and now my love for being a DJ has returned. I have DJ Marcio to thank for this. I wish this website and the DJ Academy were around during my college days!! If you are interested in learning Traktor then the only website and instructor you need is Traktor Pro Tutorials and DJ Marcio! The possibilities are endless with Traktor and DJ Marcio teaching you the ins and outs of the program!

    • Richard… Thank u so much for u support man!
      I’m so glad for been able to spark the DJ fire in u again my frind… I’ll see u in class!!!!

  25. Just started to use Traktor a month ago and was about to give up on it already!!!! Really different from Serato but thanks to Dj Marcio I basically learned in a few what I couldn’t do in over a month!!!!!!!!
    Well worth the 10 dollars I spent… thanks man and keep up the good work!!!!!
    Need more videos… I’ve already got addicted… lol

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